Fuck the NRA

I cried at times during yesterday’s March for Life in Washington, D.C. These kids watched their friends’ bodies get blown apart by a military-style weapon legally purchased by an extremely troubled 19-year-old. It was heartening to witness so much appropriate outrage in the wake of the latest (among far too many) school massacres and other gun-related deaths in America. One teenage Parkland survivor got so nervous reading her speech she threw up on the podium—then pulled herself together and finished anyway.

If that’s not inspiring, then I don’t know the meaning of the word.

Although I’d say I’m very liberal in most ways, I admit that I was a late proponent of stricter gun laws. I own a handgun. My reasons for hedging for so many years on gun control are complicated, but the bottom line is that I’ve now come to see my former position for what it was: the copout of a man who values his toys over the lives of kids I don’t know.

The way I see it, this position is no longer morally tenable.

I live in D.C., where I had to undergo a background check and register my guns. It’s illegal to possess an AR-15 here. I can still shoot recreationally at the range whenever I want to, protect my home—you know, do whatever legal stuff gun owners like to do with their guns.

But the NRA and the cowardly fuck-bags who support them see even these meager limits to gun ownership as deal-breakers. They’re staunchly against registration, they think bans on any particular type of weapon short of fully automatic is an unbearable government infringement, and they insist on leaving gaping loopholes for background checks at gun shows and other private (read, brokered-on-the-internet) firearms transactions.

Their stated reason for holding these positions, based on nothing more than conspiratorial speculation, is that any regulation, no matter how reasonable, must be the first step to banning guns, and therefore the only solution is to allow thousands of Americans to die every year while doing absolutely nothing.

Speaking as a former moron on this topic, if you buy into the NRA’s position, then a) You’re also a fucking moron, and b) You should take a hard look at why those pieces of metal in your closet are so important to you.

I submit that if you’re honest with yourself, as I was, you’ll see that the path forward is abundantly clear.

Fuck the NRA.



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