The unusual, the aberrant, the saucy—and the lowbrow? My next reading will be in Chicago!

The adrenaline rush has barely subsided from my D.C. launch in January and my Brooklyn launch in February. Both events had upwards of thirty attendees. Online sales have been fantastic. The enthusiasm for Freedom City has been amazing!

Amid all this excitement, I’m thrilled to announce that my next reading will be at Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago on June 22nd! They’re located at 1854 W. North Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60622. The reading will start at 7 p.m. There is a Facebook page for the event here.

“We favor the unusual, the aberrant, the saucy, and the lowbrow,” reads Quimby’s website.

Although I think no novel that uses the word “kakistocracy” in its description can truly be called lowbrow, the other parts—unusual, aberrant, and saucy—certainly describe my book. Freedom City is foremost about an unusual band of rebels who join together in the year after Donald Trump’s death to wage a guerilla war against fascism in America. “But all revolutions are inherently internal,” as pointed out by one of the book’s four main characters, Langston “FD” Hamdi. The characters’ personal and sexual relationships are sticky. These relationships, which manifest in some frank and arguably aberrant sexual encounters, affect their choices throughout the novel.

A couple people who’ve reviewed me on Amazon have felt it necessary to point out some of my book’s, um, saucy content.

One person, who goes by the initials AM, wrote “… Becnel is a talented writer with creative imagination and a sharp wit, making for an entertaining read. Note there is some explicit content, for mature readers.”

“It is a fast read that I couldn’t put down,” wrote another reviewer with the initials JAF. “My only word of caution for some is that there are some graphic sex scenes (although no rape or violence – it is all consensual) that some might find off putting.”

I note, however, that these were both 5-star reviews.

Anyway, I can’t promise lowbrow, but I’m looking forward to celebrating the unusual, the aberrant, and the saucy at Quimby’s Bookstore this summer. If you’re in Chicago and want to come check me out, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for the latest news leading up to the event.

I hope to see you there!



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