Next up, Brooklyn!

Thank you all who came to my inaugural book launch in D.C. at Slash Run on January 19th! The crowd included some faces familiar to me, as well as many people who dropped in just to learn more about the book. It’s clear that Freedom City is on its way to becoming “a thing”—which is of course what I hoped for! I was extremely honored by the turnout and the excitement.

I started by reading the Prologue, which is set at the unveiling of Donald Trump’s mausoleum, followed by a short passage about each of the four main characters. I then gave away a couple of books, answered some questions, and introduced The Fuss, a ska band from D.C. It was without exception a great night!

My next event will be in New York—specifically, in Williamsburg—at Little King, which is located at 749 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11211. It will start at 6 p.m. on February 10th. I previously wrote about the Brooklyn launch here, and there is a Facebook page for the event here.

If the Slash Run event was any indicator, the Brooklyn launch at Little King should be a straight-up blast. I hope to see you there!

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